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Facing persistent mold issues or concerned about indoor air quality? Blue Planet Construction and Environmental Services is your trusted partner in Middlesex County, NJ. Our expertise in mold remediation and air quality testing ensures a healthier, safer environment for your home or business.

Comprehensive Home Renovation and Repair Services

Our skilled team doesn’t just stop at mold. We specialize in a full spectrum of home services, including renovations that transform your space, foundational repairs that secure the integrity of your property, and meticulous bathroom remodeling. Need a plumber, electrician, or masonry contractor? Our extensive network of seasoned professionals is at your disposal, delivering top-notch results every time.

Innovative Design and Environmental Solutions

At Blue Planet, we pride ourselves on being more than just a construction company. As an engineering firm with innovative home designers, we draft and execute plans that elevate your living space while keeping sustainability in mind. With our environmental services, including basement waterproofing and more, we don’t just build – we protect and enhance your home for the years to come. Ready to breathe easy with superior air quality and live in the space you’ve always dreamed of? Contact us today!

Blue Planet Construction and Environmental Services
We Work With the Best Clients
Christina Rusnak Avatar
Christina Rusnak
6/08/2020 - Google
Called Blue Planet to come out to perform a Mold test along with an air quality test in my home.... read more
Libby Robinson Avatar
Libby Robinson
6/08/2020 - Google
This was one of the best contractors I have ever dealt with. He fixed a difficult mold issue, a... read more
1/08/2020 - Google
We had a great experience with John and Blue Planet. We had a decent sized basement project where they did... read more
Karl Reed Avatar
Karl Reed
12/08/2019 - Google
I hired this firm based on My Doctor's advice after a blood test. John came in and showed me how... read more
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